Troubleshooting Guide for The Common Bartlett Garage Door Issues

At times even well maintained garage doors can fail down, when you expect it the least. With the help of honest Garage Door Repair Bartlett Experts, this guide is prepared to help you deal with the common garage door problems.

When the Door is Stuck Completely
If your door gets stuck completely either in the closed or open position, keep in mind you can operate your garage door manually always. Look for emergency release cord, generally red in color, which is hanging from rear of door’s track. Pulling the cord will cut off the door’s opener and let you to open your door manually.

If the door is hard to open, springs most likely are the culprit, and may have to be replaced. Look for a specialized inspection as quickly as possible.

If the door opened simply, the problem most likely is with the garage door opener. Unplug opener to let it “reboot.” Plug that back in. If the door still will not open, search for any blinking light on the unit– they are “fault codes” which indicate the difficulty area. If you are using a remote unit, batteries might have to be replaced, and the remote itself might have to be reprogrammed. In case, wall mounted door’s opener button does not work, check the main panel for a tripped breaker. Also check out for any disconnected or loose wires, including the wire running to door sensors.

When Garage Door Is Making Strangely Loud Noise
The new noise that you’ve never heard previously is perhaps caused by loose connection or components in requirement of lubrication. Examine the door and related elements and tighten loose screws and bolts as you find out them. Check out the door’s track for any obstruction. Spray thin coating of the WD-40 on your rollers, hinges, track system and springs.

When You’ve To Hold Down The Button To Get Door To Close
If the door does not want to close down all the way, it’s usually because of the safety sensor being outside alignment. Sensors are situated near bottom of both the sides of doorway. You must be capable to see LED light on both the sensors; if not –adjust the sensors manually until both the lights are lit. When you are at it, just clean the sensor’s lenses with a dry, clean cloth.

When Door Reverses Itself
In case, your door opens up itself after hitting on the floor, try to adjust the “close limit” switch. These are generally situated on rear of your garage door opener, and are marked “down” and “up.” Turn to adjust unless your garage door is operating usually. When your garage door reverses before hitting on the floor, you may need to make “close force” adjustment. Now, you will find the adjustment knob on rear of your garage door openers. Turn knob clockwise to alter.

When Garage Door Motor Will Not Stop Running
If garage door is closing and opening just fine, but motor continues running, “close limit” switch most likely have to be adjusted. Just turn in small increment and check out your adjustment by working the opener.